Curved Stairlift Up Lift

Up is 100% reusable. Where other stairlifts are not always reusable and end up in storage places or waste.

Reusing the UP rail is as easy as it gets thanks to the patented modular rail construction it can be installed on almost any staircase.

Because the track can be configured at your home for your individual staircase it can be installed in days instead of weeks with no intervention from the manufacturer. In simple language, order it on Monday and ride it on Wednesday. *Subject to availability and scheduling

Comes with remotes as well as your smartphone can be used as a remote.

Buy Back Eligable

This stairlift is available for buy back.

Available option for this stairlift

  • Standard Power Swivel Seat: The seat swivels around at the top so you can get off the lift onto the top landing easily and safely
  • Standard Powered Footrest: The footrest folds up automatically.
  • Optional automatic hinge rail: Fold rail up to remove from being an obstruction on bottom landing.

Weight Capacity: 276 lbs / 125kg

Warranty Information

  • One year labour
  • Two years parts warranty

Suitable for

180 degree

90 degree

Spiral Small Radius

Seat Colour Options










Backup Battery: yes

Remote: yes

Powered Swivel: yes

Power Fold Rest yes

Controls: Joy Stick

Seat Swivels At: Top only

Power Supply: 120 volt receptical

Slope Capability: 0 to 75 degrees

Minimum Track Intrusion Into Staircase: 7 inches

Track Features: Modular, can be reconfiured

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

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  • Straight stairlifts are made for a single flight of stairs that travel in a straight line that do not have any landings, turns or bends.
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